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Android Application v2


Last year, I launched an Android application for my site, aimed at smartphones with 'big' screens. Well a year has passed, and the world is changing so fast that now everyone has these Android tablets, with screens large enough to show the full site.

Time to update! The new version works on Android tablets and Smartphones, with Android 2.2 or later. It now lets you mark your favorite recipes, and filter to show only those. It downloads images faster, and doesn't overload my website the way the old version did.

If you use it on a larger screen tablet, it shows the full website page, on a smaller screen browser, it takes you to the mobile version of my site, optimized for small screens.

If you search for 'Appon Thai Food' on Google Play, my app isn't visible. No matter, look through the 'users also installed' section and you'll find it listed. Or follow the link below. You can also find other disappeared apps on Google Play, by using the main Google search.


Appon's Thai Recipe Android application for this site. It lets you browse all the recipes on this site, filter by ingredients you want, and exclude recipes that contain ingredients you don't want.

It requires network access, runs in low, medium or high resolution modes, and is free... or rather it's paid for by advertising. If you like the application, don't forget to vote for it with the Google+1 button. The more votes I get. the higher I rank.
For problems, please contact ApponKhiewchanta at gmail dot com and I'll pass them to the developer to be fixed.

For iPhone users there's our mobile recipe browser, which should also work on other mobile phones too. Again this is free to you, well as long as you don't mind adverts.

But note that the main recipe site works fine on iPhone, including the web based recipe browser.

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