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Red Prawn with Curry Sauce ( Pa Nang Gung )


There's plenty of good healthy light protein in prawns, and this is a nice way to eat them. Eat this dish with Thai fragrant rice, a good way to present them is to keep the head and tail on, and only shell the middle. It makes the dish look more stylish!

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Fried Curried Pumpkin ( Gang Bu-ard Fuk Tong )


This simple fried dish of yellow curried pumpkins with pork is the last dish we'll make from pumpkin for a while, now that all our halloween pumpkin has been used up! When I was young my sister and I would fight over who got to eat this pumpkin dish, but after a week of pumpkin dishes, I won't be fighting over it now!

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Squid Ball Curry ( Look Chin Bla-muk Pad Prik Gang )


The balls in this curry are squid balls made from squid and rice flour. You don't have to make them yourself if you don't want to, you can buy them in Asian supermarkets. Just look in the freezer section. The other main ingredient is the celery greens, these are the leaves of the celery, rather than the stalks.

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Fish & Celery Curry ( Pa Pad Porng Kar Ree )


A dish of fried fish on a bed of curried celery greens. This should be eaten as a side dish to rice. Notice I softened the curry with evaporated milk, you can also use coconut milk, but for this fish dish the creaminess of evaporated milk works better.

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Steamed Curried Salmon ( Hur Mook Salmon )


A steamed salmon coconut curries, salmon so cheap and plentiful these days, and it makes a good meat base to use with a creamy curry. For these foil trays, the bottom of the tray is layered with basil, and the top topped off with a coconut milk topping.

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Fish Ball Curry ( Pa Nang Look Chin )


All of this dish is edible, making it perfect for serving with rice.

50 gms Fish Balls
1 Tablespoon Red Curry Paste
1 Teaspoon Sour Curry Paste
100 ml Coconut Milk
100 ml Water
1 Teaspoon Salt
2 Tablespoons Sugar
1 Teaspoon Fish Sauce
40 gms Pud Bung (or other Green Leaf Vegetables)

1. Boil the coconut milk until it begins to steam.
2. Add the red curry paste and the sour curry paste, and stir until it is dissolved.
3. Add the fish balls, and bring back to the boil, add the water and again bring back to the boil. Simmer for 5 minutes.
4. Remove from the heat, add the fish sauce, salt and sugar and adjust the seasoning to taste.
5. Clean and chop the green leaves and mix into the curry.

Red Curried Duck ( Gang Pate Pet Yang )


The most unusual part of this recipe is the rambutans, the semi-sweet Thai fruit we add to it to balance the spicy curry. Lychees can be substituted very successfully if you can't obtain rambutans. The duck though is essential, it has a soft meat that blends into the dish. If you can't get hold of duck, try one of the other pork or chicken red curry recipes on this site instead!

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Shrimp Sour Curry ( Kang som Gung )


Shrimp Sour Curry is a traditional food of Central & Southern Thailand. Think of it as curried soup. Although the ingredients are the same for the two refions, the south of Thailand variation tastes more spicy because they add more dry chilli during cooking. The Central Thailand version is closer to sweet and sour soup and is the one given here. This is medium hot.

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Seafood Red Steamed Curry (Ho Muk Talay)


This dish is seafood in a set red curry. The seafood is normally a mixture of chopped shrimp, crab meat, squid, mussels and minced white fish, but you can omit or exchange similar seafood if you prefer. For a true authentic look, make little parcels of the mixture in banana leaves and steam those, but the taste is the same if you steam it in serving pots, or even foil cups can be used. This dish can also be made with coconut milk in place of the soya milk.

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Curried Eggs & Shrimp ( Gung Pad Pong Karee )


This is a dish of scrambled, curried eggs served with shrimp and spring onion. Thailand has China to the north and India to the west and this dish is the Thai merging of those two traditions. Here I've used shrimp, you can also use crab and other seafood.

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