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Green Chicken Curry ( Gang Khiewo Wan Gai )


Green Chicken Curry it a favored dish from Central Thailand, and visitors to Thailand love it because it not too spicy and easy on the palet. A good meal for an evening dinner, here it is cooked with chicken legs but you can use chicken breast instead if preferred. I recommend corn fed chicken, it has much more flavour and a softer texture. There are lots of herbs & spices in the sauce, in old times these would be prepared by hand, luckily today thats not necessary, your local Asian supermarket stocks green curry sauce all ready to use. Note, you can eat the herbs too.
Originally from central Thailand, this is low to medium hot.

Ingredients for 2 people
100 gms. Green Curry Sauce
4 Corn Fed Chicken legs
200 ml. Coconut milk
150 ml. Water
4 Red Thai Chillis
6 Cherry Tomatoes
1 Teaspoon Sugar
2 Teaspoons Salt
1 Tablespoon Fish Sauce
4 Basil Leaves
3 Kaffir Leaves (Asian Lime Leaves).

Serve With
Hot Fragrant Rice or Rice Noodles

1. Clean the corn fed chicken legs, ensure all feathers are removed and trim.
2. Warm half of the coconut milk until it is just near boiling.
3. Add the curry sauce to the pan and stir until the coconut milk is well mixed with the curry.
4. Put the corn fed chicken legs in and stir it for 2 minutes
5. Turn the heat down to medium
6. Mix the remaining coconut milk with the water, and put add it to the pan slowly, stirring at same time.
7. Leave on a low boil for 20 minutes.
8. Then add the salt, sugar, red chilli and fish sauce in to taste. The taste should be a salt,sweet, curry
9. Cook for a further 2 minutes to cook in the seasoning, then switch off the heat.
10. Add the basil and kaffir leaves together with the cherry tomatoes.

Before serving, it is better to let it cool slightly.

Comments (4)

Congratulations, this is the best thai recipe blog that i see.

by the way the green curry is my favorite dish and too others.



While in Thailand, I took a cooking class and this recipe is great!! I am always disappointed when I order this dish at a restaurant here and it arrives at the table. It is usually a strange brown color and bland.

You just made my favorite blogs list!



This is my first visit to your site and I just love it. Some of the Thai dishes look similar to Indian food. Could you please give me the recipe for the green curry sauce that you have mentioned in the Green Chicken Curry recipe.



In Thailand these pastes are so common that nobody ever makes it themselves, but I'll eventually get the recipe correct and post it here.



Great recipe - really took me back to my time in Thailand!

A couple of questions:
- do you cut up the chillies?
- do you know if the recipe would work using the light coconut milk available here in the UK? If so would you adjust the ratio of coconut milk to water, as the light stuff already has more water in it?
- Do you think the finished dish would freeze?


No, I usually put them in whole, that is the long red thing in the picture.
I'm not sure what light coconut milk is, is it low calorie? Better use normal coconut milk and eat a little less of the sauce instead.
Yes the curry can be frozen.

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