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Steamed Fish & Meat Curry ( Hor Mook Gang Khiew Wan Bla Guy )


This curry is a combination of fish and meat, it is one of the many ways we have of using up left overs. In this case left over chicken and fish, however you can use pork instead of chicken if that is what you have!

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Crab Curry ( Phoo-Pad-Pong-Ga-Ree )


Crab cut and cooked in a curry sauce.You eat this by breaking the shells and dipping the meat into the sauce. Since you have to pick it from the shell, it's better not to use too many vegetables in the curry. Instead we serve those as a side dish with rice. The vegetables that you see in the picture are to turn the juices from the crab into sauce you can spoon over the rice.

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Dried Mussel & Pineapple Curry ( Gang Kur- Hoy Mang Pu )


I recently went mussel fishing and found that the fishermen catch far more than they sell fresh. The rest they sun-dry on large sheets in the hot sun, and sell as dried mussels. If you made sun-dried mussels, or you have shop bought ones, what can you use them for?
This is a recipe suggested by fishermen: It is a red curry made with pineapple, and dried mussels and topped with some fried mussel chips for added crunch.
This recipe uses red curry paste which is available in supermarkets. We don't make these by hand in Thailand, that would be silly when there are shops that do nothing but sell ready made pastes. You also won't achieve the fine ground texture of the milled paste by pounding it.

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Haw Mook, Phuket Style


I went to a night fishing competition at Yamu, well the fish auction afterwards anyway. I planned to buy a big fish and have a barbecue, but things didn't work out as planned.
I did get some soft meat fish which they assure me is great for Haw Mook, the traditional Thai fish curry. Soft meat, no small bones, who am I to argue! So I decided to make Haw Mook in the style they make it here in Phuket. In the north we add a layer of coconut, in Phuket they serve it without that layer, and wrapped in betel leaves.
Video is after the break.

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BBQ Curried Fish Parcels In Banana Leaves (Aeb Pla)


I did a BBQ Salt Crusted fish recipe a couple of weeks ago at the Thai Muang campsite. Well I'm back at the campsite for the Save Turtle Festival, a festival where they release turtles into the sea to restock turtle numbers. It's covered on my Appon's Thai Life Blog.

Naturally if I'm having a barbecue at the beach, it's got to be seafood, but this time I want to prep all my food during the day and eat later. Fish parcels are perfect for that, prep the fish, wrap them, into a cool-box with some ice and off to the festival you go. The parcels are all ready for when you come back. They taste better with a little time to marinade, too.


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