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Palm Seed Pie ( Pei Luk Tan )


A sweet pie, with a sweet milk powder crust made from the sweet toddy palm seeds, you can see what the seeds look like here: toddy palm seeds. You can find toddy palm sold in syrup available in tins from Asian grocers. It's better to use the tinned version because you also need the syrup.

Ingredients For Toddy Palm Filling
45 gms Corn Flour
50 gms Milk Powder
30 gms Sugar
40 gms Butter
1/2 Teaspoon Salt
240 mls Toddy Palm Syrup
220 mls Water
340 gms Tinned Chopped Toddy Palm Seeds

1. Sift the flour and milk powder into a saucepan, add the sugar, and salt, mix.
2. Add the syrup, and water and heat on a low heat while stirring to cook the flour and make a thick sauce.
3. Chop the toddy palm seeds if they're not already chopped and add to the sauce, add the butter and stir to combine. The heat will melt the butter, make sure it's well mixed in.
4. Leave to cool, the mixture should be cold before putting in the pastry or it will melt the butter in the pastry.

Ingredients For Pastry
300 gms Flour
10 gms Milk Powder
150 gms Butter
5 gms Sugar
60 mls Water
1/2 Egg Yolk (half of one yolk)


1. Sift the flour and milk powder together, break up the butter into the flour with your fingers tip, until you have crumbs.
2. Mix the sugar, the small amount of egg and water together in a jug, then add it to the flour mixture and combine with your hands to form a dough. Once it's mixed don't work the dough, you want a crumbly pastry, not a bread or a hard crust.
3. Cover with cling film and leave for 10-15 minutes.
4. Cut into 4 equal pieces, to make 4 pies, these pie will be around 4 (10cms ) inches diameter, if you have larger or smaller pie tins, you need to cut the pastry to suit the pie tins you have.
5. Each piece, cut it in two parts 2/3rds for the base and 1/3rd for the lid.
6. Grease the pie tins, roll out the pastry, the easiest way to do this is between a folded sheet of greaseproof paper as shown below.
7. Line the tins with the pastry, so the pastry is above the edge (trim if if sticks out too far) and fill with the sweet mix.
8. Brush the edge of the pie with egg, put on the lid and crimp all the way around to seal the pie.
10. Brush with beaten egg or milk.
11. Prick the top to make some hole to let steam out.
12. Bake 30-40 minutes at 200 degrees celsius.

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