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Pork Hair Toast


Another variation on the sweet toast theme. This one is salty sweet pork hair toast. Pork hair or fiber is pork meat, dried and rubbed to form fibers, it is widely available in Asia grocers. The sweetness comes from sweet mayonnaise, often called 'salad cream', the kind with 20% sugar.
When I bought these in the market, I thought it used a lot of pork, but when you actually make them, you realize the pork is sitting on a line of mayonnaise and that is what glues it to the toast! So its very economical with the pork.

Sweet Mayonnaise
Thin Sliced White Bread
Pork Hair


1. Trim the bread of any crusts. I couldn't get bread thin enough, so I carefully cut each slice in half to make it half the thickness.
2. Toast the bread on one side.
3. On the untoasted side, pipe two lines of mayonnaise, each slice will make two pork-toast strips.
4. Dust the pork hair onto the mayonnaise to cover it.
5. Pipe a zig-zag of mayonnaise over the top, and cut into two bread strips.
6. You can see the 3 stages of preparation in the photo above, the line of mayonnaise, the line covered with pork hair, and finished one with the zig-zag of mayonnaise on the top.
6. Toast under a grill until the bread is crisp.
7. Eat warm or cold, but keep out of moist air or they will go soggy.

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