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Sweet Cheese Bread Fingers ( Ka Noom Pang Cheesestick )


Although it's not what you expect when you make cheese bread, these are sweet and covered in bakers mayonnaise. It's rare to find bread that isn't sweet in Thailand and good cheese is often expensive, so it's common to find cheaper cheese dishes like this with added sugar to add an extra layer of flavour to them. I'd like to be enthusiastic about the sweet Thai versions of western foods. But I think they're a tragedy, all high calorie and high sugar and soft texture.
Bakers mayonnaise is just a sweeter mayonnaise, and Pacto 3 is a flour improver, if you don't use it, the texture will be firmer, but not unpleasant. Without the Pacto 3, you also can't work the dough as much, work it like a regular bread dough.

500 gms All Purpose Flour
1 Tablespoon Yeast
1 1/2 Teaspoon Pacto 3 (Optional)
90 gms Sugar
2 Teaspoons Salt
220 gms Water
1 Medium Egg
1 Medium Egg Yolk
70 gms Butter ( Chopped to small square 1x1cm )
70 gms Grated Cheese
100 gms Bakers Mayonnaise

1. Mix the yeast, Pacto3, sugar and salt together.
2. Mix all the liquids together (water, egg, egg york) in a blender, add the dry ingredients
3. Mix with a dough hook for 30 minutes. Test it, you should be able to pull a thin sheet layer out of the dough. If it doesn't mix it some more. This takes a lot of mixing!
3. Cover and leave to rest for 45 minutes
4. Split the dough into 70 gms pieces and leave for 10 minutes.
5. Roll each piece flat, place one piece of the button inside and bring over the edges pressing them together to crimp the butter inside.
6. Roll them flat again, this time roll them into a rectangle, like a flat finger bun.
7. Leave for another 15 minutes, this should rise again.
8. Heat the oven to 200 celsius.
9. Cover with the cheese, mayonnaise and bake for 10-12 minutes.

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