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Bi Tua Dessert ( Khanom Chan Bi Tua )


Bi tua is a sweet reed with a bubblegum like flavour and green colour used in Thai dishes to add a unique flavour to the dessert. You can see it in the background of the photograph.

120 gms Mung Bean Flour ( Pang Tur )
120 gms Cassava Starch
120 gms Tapioca Flour
4-5 Bi Tua Leaves
1000 ml Water
200 ml Coconut Milk
600 gms Sugar

1. Mix the two flours and starch together.
2. Place the bi-tua leaves and water in a blender and liquidize. Then filter the water (to remove the leaf pulp).
3. Boil the water with sugar until the sugar is dissolved.
4. Leave to cool.
5. Take 400ml of the bi tua syrup, add the coconut milk
6. Split the flour in two equal portions. Mix one portion with the bi-tua and coconut milk, and one portion with the remaining bi-tua water. One part will become clear, one layer will be cloudy, we use these to make layers in the dessert.
7. Put a foil tray in a steamer, and get it hot.
8. Ladle in a shallow layer of the clear mixture and steam it for 3-5 minutes to just cook it.
9. Next ladle in the cloudy layer (the mixture with coconut milk) and steam that for 3-5 minutes to cook it.
10. Keep doing this until the metal tray is filled up and the dessert is cooked.
11. Leave to cool in the fridge, cut into diamonds and lay out of the plate.

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Jialan Wang:

Hello! Thanks for the great recipe and picture - I want to try it soon! But what is the difference between tapioca flour and cassava starch? I can only find "tapioca starch" I think.

[Appon] I'm not really sure, Wikipedia says they are the same, but I can buy Tapioca Flour and Cassava Flour, the very same brand, but with different labels. Perhaps it's just marketing, or a different variety of cassava root?


Hi Appon !

It's a wonderful job !!! Congratulations ! I am fond of thai deserts ;o))) Thank you very much for sharing all these recipes, I put you in my favorites ! You can also have a look on my blog, I like to cook and taste asian foods as well. See you soon! And all the best, Dara


what is bi tua leaves? and where do I find mung bean flour?

Bit tua is also known as Pandan, it is a bubblegum leaf.
Mung bean flour you get from an asian grocers.

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