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Easy Sweet Rice Cakes ( Kanom Nang Let )


This is a traditional dessert of Thailand, but rice cakes are time consuming to make, and so I've made the recipe using store bought rice cakes.

1 Packet Rice Cakes
300 ml Water
400 gms Brown Sugar

1. Boil the water in a saucepan.
2. Add the brown sugar and stir to dissolve, continue boiling, as the water boils off, the pan will get hotter than 100 degrees and the sugar will start to change.
3. There are two choices here, I like to eat this with a fudge coating, but it's common in Thailand to get this with a toffee swirl instead.
4. To check the progress of the sugar, take a bowl of cold water and drop spoonfuls of the boiling sugar in to see what stage it is at. If you have a sugar thermometer, then for toffee you need 150-160 degrees Celsius and for a fudge you need 115-120 degrees.
5. Once you have the sugar at the correct stage, take a sppon and make swirls on the rice cakes. The leave to cool.

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the rice cake recipe is very easy and good. It came in handy for my 12 year old daughter's grade 6 social studies project on Thailand. She made 4 packages of rice cakes with the toffe swirl and passe them out to her teachers and classmates when she did her project presentation!


I'm so glad to find an easy recipe on thailand food!you know,I'm in the 6th grade and I'm doing a project on thailand.I always try to include a recipe whenever I can and being a 12 year old girl, I know as much about conputers as a tomato!
but however, there is one little problem i'd like to discuss about your see,the only form of measurement I know is cups.

[Appon] I guess you mean US cups? (About 236 ml?) rather than a UK Cup (250ml). With the Internet going everywhere, I'm trying to use measures that can be taken anywhere. Only teaspoons (5ml) and tablespoons (15ml) are an exception.

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