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Khanonkrok Done in a Classic Pot


Khanon Krok is a Thai classic, and since I visited a floating market in Bangkok and found a genuine old fashioned clay khanon-krok pot, it would be a perfect time to revisit the recipe trying out my new pot.

It was an experience, and if appreciating the values of non-stick pans is a good thing, then it was a good experience!

This pot is charcoal fired, so the first step is to get it lit and hot. Since this is clay it's going to take a lot of seasoning with oil, and sure enough as I try to season it, it soaks the oil in like a sponge. Khanon Krok is two layers, a starchy layer that forms the bulk, and a thinner sugary salty layer to form a topping which is finished with sweetcorn or spring onions.

Two halves are placed on top of each other, with the flavor layer in the middle. It's a real classic, and one you should try, but perhaps not with this clay pot! Innovation succeeds because it is good, and works, and iron griddles are more commonplace these days. It's not just that, my usual non-stick pan has an even number of dimples, which makes life a lot easier when cooking a dessert that is made of two halves. This clay one has 7!

(Video after the break)

The ingredients below are enough to make a large batch, enough for 5 people.

Ingredients for Base Layer
400 gms rice flour
50 gms sticky rice flour
700mls coconut milk
950mls near boiling water

Ingredients for Topping Layer
700ml coconut milk
400 gms sugar
2 teaspoons salt
Spring onions or corn or both

1. Prepare the base mix:
2. Mix the two flours together.
3. Mix in the coconut milk and stir
4. Add the hot water stirring continuously till mixed.
5. Next up, the topping layer
6. Mix the coconut milk, sugar and salt together, till all the sugar and salt has dissolved.
7. Chop the spring onions if you're using them
8. Get the khanom krok pan good and hot, and well oiled.
9. Spoon the base mixture in, this forms the main part of the mix
10. Let is cook through a little before adding the topping, you don't want them to mix.
11. Spoon a little of the salty sweet mixture on top
12. Add a few spring onions or sweetcorn.
13. Let it cook through, to remove it, the khanom krok needs to be good and brown. If it sticks that's often a sign its not cooked properly.
14. Stick two halves together and serve warm.

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