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Coconut & Sesame Pancakes ( Kanoom Tung Thag )


This filled pancake has slices of medium young coconut meat and toasted black sesame seeds to give it a nutty crunch. The best type of coconut is medium young, not young coconut, not old, but middling, if you can't get hold of this, use young. For this recipe either use a ready made bicarbonate raising agent, or pure bicarbonate of soda and a squeeze of lemon to start it fizzing.

120 gms Wheat Flour
120 gms Rice Flour
1 Teaspoon Bicarbonate Raising Agent
1 Tablespoon Lime or Lemon juice, optional
40 gms Sugar
1/2 Teaspoon Salt
220 ml Water
Butter or Oil for Frying

Ingredients for Filling
Toasted Black Sesame Seeds
Coconut Meat

1. Mix the 2 flours together, add the bicarbonate, lime juice, sugar, water and blend until mixed and smooth. You want a medium thick pancake mix for this.
2. Leave for 30 minutes to give the bicarbonate chance to bubble.
3. Add salt and mix again.
4. Heat a pan and add a little oil or butter.
5. Fry the pancake on one side only, cover it with a lid, the steam will cook the top aswell.
6. Once the top has cooked, add the coconut, sugar and sesame seeds, then fold it over and serve.

Comments (2)

Nit hall:

Do you have recipes for Knom tong aig, it the old thai dessert recipes.

[Appon]I'll do it in the near future.


hi Appon,
i just want to know what kind of Bicarbonate raising agent should i use for this pancake?
Because i searching on internet and there were so many kind of bicarnonate. So please tell me what kind of Bicarbonate u're using. Also, can i find it from american stores or it has to be in asian stores? Hope to hear from u soon. Thank You!

[Appon]Bicarbonate of soda gives off gas when mixed with an acid, like lemon juice or vinegar. Raising agents are usually a mix of bicarbonate of soda and citric acid crystals. When water is added the citric acid dissolves and reacts with the bicarb. That said you just need *any* bicarbonate raising agent, and if you can't find that, bicardbonate of soda mixed with a few squirts of lemon juice.

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