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False Tofu in Caramel ( Wun Tur Hu Rad Caramel )


This is a Thai version of creme caramel, instead of vanilla dessert, it uses soya milk set in agar - a type of false tofu we use for dessert dishes.

500 ml Soya Milk
100 gms Sugar
2 Drops Vanilla Essence
5 gms Agar Powder

Ingredients for Caramel Sauce
200 gms Sugar
100 ml Water
1 Drop Vanilla Essence

1. Put the soya milk into a saucepan, add the agar powder and warm through until the agar has dissolved. Don't let the soya boil. Add the sugar and stir until that has dissolved too, then pour into a mould and leave to cool in the fridge.
2. To make the caramel, place the sugar and water into a saucepan and boil hard until the sugar has burnt to the brown colour shown in the photograph.
3. Then take it off the heat, and add a little extra water to thin the caramel down and keep it liquid. Be careful when you add the water it will boil vigorously as the sugar is hotter than the boiling point of water.
4. Add a drop of vanilla essence to the caramel to enhance the vanilla taste.
5. Leave to cool.
6. To serve, simply pour the caramel over the false tofu!

Comments (3)

Hello found your blog at Chefs, i woulk like to try this recipe you posted, i guess it can be similar to what we are buying usually in the morning called "taho" when i was in the Philippines.
I woulk like to add you to my blogroll!


Dear appon, plse elaborate more coz it did not turn well as yours. 5 gms of agar powder is it enough with 500 ml soya milk? plse help.tq

[Appon] 5g is enough (I've just set some to double check it).

You may have difficulty measuring it, I buy it in 10g packets, so its easy for me to set 1 litre of soya with it. 5g is about 2 teaspoons of powder.


Hi Appon is it possible to use gelatine instead of agar and how much can I use if using leaf gelatine or powder.

[Appon] Yes, but double up. Of the gelatine says it makes 1 litre use it to make half a litre.

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