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Thai Jelly Filled Eggs (Wun Lub Khai)


When I was a child we bought these jelly (jello) eggs, 1 baht for 2. We would crack open the egg and eat the jelly contents inside as a treat. They are eggs with the white and yolk removed, filled with jelly and coconut milk.
Thai jelly uses agar in place of gelatin and the jelly is very strong, more like a gum than a jelly. For this recipe we are using twice the amount of gelatin than is usual in order to simulate this strength. In the photograph we've removed the shell but they should be served still inside the shell with the hole hidden at the bottom in an egg cup, so that your guests can have the surprise of cracking open the egg and revealing the jelly inside.

6 Large Eggs
20g Gelatin
400 mls Water
100 mls Coconut Milk
100 gms Sugar
3 Drops Vanilla Essence
6 Drops Food Colouring

1. Mix the gelatin with the sugar and water in a boiling pan.
2. Heat until it just boils, then turn off the heat and leave to cool, the gelatin should be fully dissolved.
3. Take each egg, cut off the top to form a small hole using a sharp knife with a sawing action.
4. Empty the contents of the egg into a bowl you may have to break the yolk to get it out - we can use these to make an omelette later.
5. Fill and empty the eggs with water several times to clean them.
6. Boil some water in a kettle or pan and pour the boiling water into each egg and leave for a few minutes to sterilize the inside of the eggs.
7. When the gelatin mixture is cooler we can add the coconut milk and food colouring.
8. Add the coconut milk to the gelatin.
9. Separate the mixture into 3 bowls and colour each bowl with different food colourings. If you prefer you can make a clear jelly and a coconut jelly and make more layers.
10. It is then a simple matter of layering, pour a small layer of coloured jelly into the egg, place in a very cold fridge to set it quickly. Repeat for each layer in the egg until the egg is full of jelly.
11. Leave it in the fridge to set thoroughly.

These are ideal treats for easter in place of easter eggs.

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I don't leave comments often but every day I read your blog you amaze me over and over. Everything always looks and sounds so wonderful!

These eggs are amazing and so unique - as always, you've done a most beautiful job presenting them =)

Great and stunning to say the least! Well done Appon! Have never seen this egg before! If you dont mind, we would like to make this recipe on our site, let us know, we will of course give all credit to you....

Kop Khun Khrup..

The LC Team


Looks colourful!but must involve lot of work like cleaning the shells etc!:)


I read your blog it amaze me. I do have a question regarding the agar. Do you have any tips in preventing the color from 'bleeding' or blending with each other? Example, a layer of yellow and green ... and after several hours, the color sort of run in together.


[Appon] I have mine in the freezer, since I need it to set qucker than the one outside, a short blast in the freezer gets it to set quickly. The quicker it sets the less blending. Just try to avoid it freezing.

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