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Sesame Seed Sweets ( Ka Noom Nga-dtat )


These are the classic sesame seed sweets, toffee with toasted sesame seeds similar to peanut brittle. The best way to make these is with a sugar thermometer to get the correct temperature (150 degrees celsius), an alternative method is to have a bowl of cold water and as you heat the sugar, drop a little into the water and look for the brittle toffee stage.

40 gms Toasted Sesame Seeds
100 gms Brown Sugar
50 ml Water

1. Spread out sheet of greaseproof paper onto a flat surface.
2. Put the brown sugar into a sauce pan with just enough water to dissolve it.
3. Heat and stir until the sugar is dissolved, then keep heating. As the water boils off, the temperature will exceed 100 degrees celsius.
4. Heat to 150 degrees celsius, a sugar thermometer helps, or use the bowl of water mentioned in the introduction.
5. Stir in the sesame seeds, take spoonfuls of the mixture and spoon them into discs on the greaseproof paper.
6. Leave to cool.

Comments (2)

Paula and Sam:

Thanks so much for your Thai recipe - we're going to make your delicious looking Sesame Seed Sweets for a class presentation. God bless!


Hi-Bless you for this recipe. I cannot have corn syrup and I searched for a sesame seed brittle that did not have the corn syrup. This fills the bill nicely. Thank you so much.

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