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Rose Coconut Cups (Kanom Doc Gu Lab)


These dainty little cups are made from rose petals, a little floral essence flavouring and are thickened starch and coconut shreds. It's important to only use roses that have been grown naturally, pesticides on the petals make them unsuitable for use.

30 gms Rose Petals
236 ml Coconut Milk
120 gms Rice Flour
1/2 Teaspoon Corn Flour
100 gms Sugar
10 gms Shredded Coconut

1. Rinse the rose petals.
2. Mix all ingredients together then in a mixing bowl, including the petals.
3. Pour the mixture into small 'egg' cups.
4. Steam until cooked.
5. You can push a toothpick into them, and when the toothpick comes out clean they are cooked.

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These look great, if a little sweet for my taste. I don't think I'd take a risk on buying roses, though. Better to buy damask leaves prepared specially for culinary use, I think.


Just want to tell u tt I think you're doing a great job. I've tried several of your recipes n they really work! One of my favorites is the tapioca with santan, which I've tried many times using other recipes & they never turn out good. Until yours! Thank you!


Dear Khun Appon,

I just wanted to say how much I love your site. It is easily the best Thai cooking site on the Web. My wife and I are always looking for recipes for our favourite dishes and snacks -- things like salapaow moo dang and kanom ah luwa -- and your site seems to have them all. And with such enticing pictures! I don't know how you find the time to keep updating it.

It would be nice if you could tell us a little more about yourself. Do you own a restaurant? Or do you make all this wonderful food in your spare time? Where did you learn to cook? And which part of Thailand are you from?

Anyway, thanks again for the recipes.

Best wishes,

PS. I don't suppose you have a recipe floating around for kanom beeb (ขนมบีบ)? You know, those little biscuits that come in the big tins and look like tiny hamburger buns stuffed with pineapple filling? They're my all time favourite Thai snack and almost impossible to get hold of in Australia!

[Appon] Sorry I don't have a recipe for them.

Gaëtan vincke:

hi.. Very nice blog.. I am looking for real traditional thai food books of recepies like the one you have on your blog.. Anyway i am glad to see that i have found your blog... Well done...


Hello Appon,

I've visited your site several times but leaving comment for the first time. You post the most authentic, simple meals from the Thai cuisine. Just one question on this recipe... do you use normal rice flour or glutinous rice flour?

[Appon] Regular rice flour.

Ian Greenaway:

Khun Appon

I run a small hog roast business and am looking to provide my customers with some pork recipes for their left-overs.

I love your recipes and wondered whether you'd mind if i put them on my website? I'd obviously put that they are 'courtesy of yourself and could add your website link' as i wouldn't want to claim i'd come up with such wonderful ideas!

Do let me know if this is possible

[Appon]There's a sauce/crust for cold cuts of roast pork coming up soon. But this sauce (shown here with Fish) is also very good for that:

I apply the fair use rules here, a recipe or two copied where you add value is not a problem. The more copying and the less value added around it, the more of a problem it is.

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