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Tapioca Balls Stuffed With Water Chestnuts ( Bour Loy Wi Lad )


The third of todays sweet ball recipes. These tapioca balls are fill with chopped water chestnuts. The tapioca has a sticky, jelly-like texture and the chestnuts add a crunch that contrasts it nicely. If you can't find rose water, you can use vanilla essence in water, for a slightly different taste.

200 gms Tapioca Pearls
40 gms Water Chestnuts
500 ml Rose Water
100 gms Sugar
100 ml Coconut Milk
150 ml Hot water

1. Put the tapioca pearls in a bowl and add the hot water. You should just add enough hot water to make the tapioca clump together. Take a spoon and turn the tapioca over to make sure the water is well distributed.
2. Chop the chestnuts into quarters.
3. Take a lump of the tapioca, and flatten it in the palm of your hand. Make a disc about 5cms across.
4. Place a piece of chestnut in the middle and fold the edges up to wrap up the chestnut piece. Smooth it out to form a ball.
5. Boil the rose water with the sugar, once it is boiling add the tapioca balls and simmer for 25 minutes.
6. Serve warm with a spoonful or two of coconut milk over the top.

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I love your site... Great!

Do you have the recipe for Sweet Tapioca with Coconut Milk. I don't know the name in Thai but it is a very popular dessert, almost every thai dessert store will sell them. I have tired to do it but its doesn't taste as nice. Hope you would teach me how to cook this in the Thai ways...

Thank You


[Appon] There are so many variations of this and quite a few are already up on the site. See the desserts section in the recipe browser.

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