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Toasted Sticky Rice Pancake ( Kow Kriep )


These are sticky rice sweet pancakes. In Isan around Songkran time, all he girls of the village work together to make these and take them to the temple as an offering to the house. They are slightly sweet, crispy toasted pancakes made from sticky rice flour.


7 Liters Sticky Rice ( ข้าวเหนียว กข.6 )
1.3 Kg Fresh Palm Sugar Syrup
2-3 Eggs Yolks
1 Cup Coconut Oil
Plastic film ( cut into 30 cm squares, 2 pieces for each cake you make )

1. Soak the rice over night in warm water.
2. Boil the palm sugar syrup and leave to cool.
3. Steam the rice till cooked. Pound in giant mortar, as you can imagine we all help out with this. Pound until rice become flour and keep turning it over and over.
4. As you pound the rice, add a little palm sugar syrup, turn and pound, a little more syrup, slowly adding the syrup and the rice becomes broken up.
5. Mix the coconut oil and egg yolks. Use this mix to coat your fingers before handling the rice mix.
6. Make ping pong ball sized lumps of the pounded mixture, using the oil/egg mixture each time.
7. You put the ball in the center of a piece of the plastic film (not cling film, you do not want it to stick!), push it flat with your fingers then cover with another piece of plastic film, and roll it out very very thing.
8. Peel off the plastic and toast over a grill, a few seconds either side is all it takes.

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