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Toffee & Marshmallow Squares


This is not a Thai recipe, it's a western recipe that we cook in my house. I like it so much I wanted to share it with you. You've no doubt had rice crispy squares, this is a toffee & marshmallow version made with either puffed rice or flaked corn.

200 gms Butter Toffees
200 gms Marshmallows
50 gms Butter
150 gms Corn Flakes or Rice Crispies Cereal

1. Melt the butter in a large saucepan (large enough to fit all the ingredients).
2. Add the toffees and melt them slowly in the butter (stirring continuously until melted).
3. Add the marshmallow and continue heating and stirring until they have melted.
4. Add the cereal, stirring and folding until the mixture completely covers all the ingredients. I like to do this over a gentle heat to keep the mixture free.
5. Grease a tray with a little butter and empty the mixture into the tray and leave to cool.
6. Cut into squares.

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What are butter toffees? Are they the hard candies or like vanilla caramels?


Butter toffees are the softer toffee's although you don't need to buy vanilla toffee for this.


thanks! time to try this one!


i`ma doing this for my project for school.

even thought it looks really disgusting.


It's actually delicious!


ew ♥

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