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Bael Fruit Iced Tea ( Nam Matoom )


This is considered a health drink in Thailand, it's supposed to be good for cleansing the stomach and helping digestion. You can see Bael fruit here, it's available dried in packets from Asian grocers. Serve warm or cold.

4-6 Dried Matoom Pieces
4-6 Tablespoons Sugar
400 ml Water

1. Boil the water in a pan.
2. Add the matoom and continue simmering for 15 minutes.
3. Add the sugar and stir until dissolved, adjust the sweetness to your own tastes.
4. Leave to cool.
5. If you want iced tea, chill it in the fridge and serve over crushed ice. For iced tea, it is better to slightly over-sweeten it, as it won't taste so sweet when it's cold.

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please do yo know where i can buy this bael tea from in the iced tea form NOT teabags

[Appon] Sorry, I don't know, but if you can get hold of the dried bael fruit you can always make it from the fruit.


do you know where i could buy the dried bael from in Hawaii? or if i could order them from Thailand?

[Appon]Again no, please search online.


Would like to purchase the instant matoom powder beverage by Mae Chaeng from Bangkok. Please advise where and how to purchase. Please, please email me with your answer.

[Appon]Try asian shops, it's the only place I think will have that.


I get Hansa instant bael tea from (an amazing thai online grocery), it pretty sweet, but really good. They might also be able to get the dried fruit as they have a lot of produce available and are very friendly. I have bought ingredients from them to make Appons recipes and they have turned out great!

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