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Hibiscus Tea ( Cha Ka Jeape )


Hibiscus tea, a cold infusion served over lots of ice, but for this photograph, I've piled the dried flowers into the tea. It looked better that way. Below I've photographed fresh hibiscus, they are quite nice as candied edible flowers.


100 gms Dried Hibiscus Flowers
500 ml Water
100 gms Sugar

1. Rinse the hibiscus flowers.
2. Add the water flowers and flowers and sugar and bring to the boil in a saucepan.
3. Cover and leave to cool, then chill in the fridge, and serve over ice.

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Mrs Singh:

Hello Appon, I have just found your site. Its really good. Tks for sharing your great recipes. A very clear Blog. My family loves Thai food, almost similiar to our Malaysian. Cant wait to go thru all your recipes. Regards from Malaysia.


Yes, indeed, we drink this usualy in Egypt. Localy, this plant (and the drink) are called Karkade.

The only difference with the recipe is that we keep the boiled flowers for a short time to seep, then we filter, and cool them.

Thank you.


Hibiscus tea is also common in Mexico where they call it jamaica. It is made the same way. Where I live it is available in the Mexican food section of the local supermarket.

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