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Roasted Young Coconut Juice ( Ma Praw Paow )


One of the nicest ways to drink coconut juice is roasted over a fire or barbecue. For this you will need the young green coconut (not the brown husk older coconut). Cut off the outer husk as much as you can, then place it in the coals and keep turning it until its blackened and roasted all over.
It's very easy to open after it's roasted, you can simply push a knife into the eyes of the coconut and pour out the juice. Drink it while it's warm.

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Hi Appon,
I just stumbled upon your site and am thrilled! I've been wanting to learn Thai cooking and know that there is so much more that what I see at American Thai restaurants. I plan to visit often and try many recipes. Thank you for a beautiful site!


Dear Appon,

Regarding the roasted coconut juice, how many days can you keep the coconut before it turns bad? What if you keep it inside the refrigerator?


[Appon] Don't keep it more than a week after you've roasted it, the sweetness goes quite quickly and it's not nice to eat after that. Really you should drink them straight from the fire.
For young coconut unroasted a month in fridge is usually ok.

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