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Thai Beer


Not really a recipe, but I thought you might like to see some typical Thai beers to go with these dumplings I've been making lately. These beers are best eaten with gop-gam dishes (savoury or spicy snack dishes that we eat with beer or spirits). The two most popular brands are Singha and Chang beer. Singha is a more acidic tasting beer than Chang.


Here are 2 more, Leo and 'Thai'. Leo is a darker stronger flavour and Thai beer is the maltiest of the 4 beers.

One of the visitors, pointed me to Phuket Beer, which I haven't tried yet. Phuket beers have kindly sent me some photos, and they mention won 3 gold medals from Monde Selection Institute at the Barcelona awards in 2007.


I'm a bit disappointed, now that I am in Phuket, to find that Phuket Beer is brewed in Bangkok under license to a major brewer. I was hoping it was a micro brewery. I wonder why it's stocked in Phuket but not Bangkok! The taste is a light larger style, similar to San Miguel Light.

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