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Thai Fruit Smoothy


This is my breakfast. Every day, day in day out, I have a smoothy made with fresh seasonal fruit for breakfast. The fiber is good for digestion and the lycopene keeps your skin looking young.
(The Thai Vegetarian Festival is on, and I'll only be doing vegetarian recipes for a while).

To make a smoothy, you'll need a liquidizer to blend the fruit into a liquid ready to drink. I drink about half a liter of fruit smoothy each day for breakfast. That's about 5 of your 5 fruits a day.

Over the years and after several thousand smoothies, I've discovered there are rules to which fruits work and which not. Make a mistake and smoothy can taste like flavourless textureless mush.

There are three extra parts that I always add, firstly a creamy yoghurt to smooth the texture out, vanilla works best. Secondly frozen fruit, peaches, strawberries and dark skinned fruit like blueberries or blackberries, since these have a lot of lycopene in them. The coldness of the frozen fruit creates an ice crystal smoothie, which is far fresher to drink than a warm smoothy, and far more enjoyable. Thirdly, a dash of pomegranate or berry juice, this is a strong anti-oxidant and being liquid, helps the blending.

There are parts I keep to a minimum, I only use a little guava and a little pear, because they form a gloop and too much of them makes the drink unpleasantly gloopy. If you've used too much, add more grapes or watermelon to thin it out.

I also never use fibrous fruit like sala or durian. They don't blend well, and you end up with lumps of durian or sala mixed in among the drink instead of a smooth mixture.

Pomelo (Thai Grapefruit)
Thai Oranges
Black Grapes
Frozen Peaches
Frozen Strawberry
Frozen Blueberry
Pomegranate Juice
Papaya Guava Pear, (only a little)
Vanilla Yoghurt

1. Pomelo need to have all the seeds and the thick membrane separating the segments removed, then put them into the liquidizer, together with the pomegranate juice and blend them. I blend some of the fruit first so that I have liquid in the bottom of the liquidizer so the blades don't get jammed.
2. Peel and seed the oranges, seed the grapes, add them to the liquidizer.
3. Papaya needs to be peeled and deseeded and cut into large chunks, then throw them in the liquidizer. Taste it first, overripe papaya has no flavour and is best avoided.
4. Guava, you can leave the skin on, but cut off any damaged parts of the skin, don't include any guava seeds, they're very hard and unpleasant to eat. Just the flesh and skin of the guava go into the liquidizer.
5. Deseed the watermelon. I often eat watermelons with the seeds still in, but for a smoothy, the seeds just don't work. So you have to press the watermelon between your fingers to remove the seeds. I do this over the open liquidizer so any juice runs into it.
6. Add the frozen fruit, and the yoghurt to the liquidizer.
7. Blend away. If the fruit is too packed and it won't blend, I pick up the whole liquidizer, hold the top and bottom together and gently shake it till the fruit start to blend.
8. Taste it. Too gloopy? Add some more watermelon. Not creamy enough? Add some more yoghurt. Not cold enough? Add some more frozen fruit.
9. Drink immediately, and drink regularly.

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