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Young Coconut Juice ( Ma Praw On )


In Thailand we eat young coconut much more than old coconut. We use it to make desserts, we make drinks from the flesh and use it for many recipes. We also use it like this - we drink the juice from inside.

If you have only drank the water from old brown coconut, then you are in for a very very pleasant surprise, a young coconut is full of sweet delicious juice. To open, use a machete or Thai cleaver and make a few cuts around the top to open it, as in the photograph.

Be careful, hold the coconut by the base and swing the cleaver away from you, towards the top. Then if it slips you don't hurt yourself.

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Thank you Appon! I have been wanting to try one of these in the store but never knew what to do with them. I am drinking the delicious juice right now and enjoying the meat too!


I just opened a young coconut and the inside and juice was purple. Have you ever heard of this???

Please let me know.



sally Ling:

when i cut the young coconut, very fast the skin turn into dark brown colour, may I know what can prevent it from changing it into dark colour.

[Appon]Best to keep the juice with it, or even use canned.

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