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Tom Yum Pan ( Maw Tom Yam )


Tom yum is a classic Thai spicy soup that is served hot. A tom-yum pan is how it's kept hot when it's brought to your table. There are many variations to this pan, but this is a common shape. Below it, is placed a source of heat, I use an oil burner, but more commonly a special burning tray is used, a charcoal burner, or burning embers from a fire.

A variation of it is used for Isan Suki Yaki; the Isan variation of the Japanese dish. For that variation, the centre is solid - there is no hole in it, meat is fried on the centre section and the juices drain into the soup as it cooks.

You can also use tealight candles with this pan to keep soup hot, but candles can only be used to keep food warm, not cook it.


And my final tom yum pot. This one is perfect for herbs, some herbs react with the metal pans and this is a great way to serve those.

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I was in Thailand last month visting friends. One evening we had a 'thai bbq' which looked like the japanese variation a tom-yum pan you describe.
Before leaving i went to Samui's Tesco and brought one to take home with me.
Now i can not find them anywhere in the UK, or online.
Please e-mail me if you know where i can get one.
Many thanks,

[Appon] I've yet to see one in any Asian shop in the west.


Hi, I don't know if you help,i'm looking for a recipe for goong ob mardin, I had tis dish at a Thai resturant in Illinois.No one seem to know what ob mardin is.I would really appreicated. The dish has shrimpcooked specially Thai,with white cabbage,clear noodles,ginger,and oyster sauce. Thank you Hazel

Similar to this recipe, but use Tiger prawns. Mardin is the clay heating pot that this is usually served in.

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