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Marinated Pork ( Mu Gur La )


This pork is marinated in a turmeric and coconut sauce, then grilled to cook and brown it. A nice side dish to eat with rice. If you're not into the spicy Thai dishes, and just want something with a flavor without the kick, this is a good choice.

200 gms Pork Meat
2 Tablespoons Coconut Milk
2 Tablespoons Light Soy Sauce
1 Teaspoons White Pepper
1 Teaspoon Ground Turmeric
1 Teaspoon Lemon Juice
Wood Skewers

1. Slice the pork meat into thin 3x3 cm squares.
2. Mix the pork and all the other ingredients, mix well so that the marinade coats all the pork and leave overnight.
3. Threat the pork onto wooden skewers.
4. Grill on a hot grill for 5 minutes.

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this is the most amazing site i have ever been too!!!! i am from laos and know that our two countries are very similar in cuisine styles. i have moved away from my mom and family and have been dying to find recipes that taste like home. like most asian cooks, my mom does not have written recipes, she just know how to make things right. i can cook, and well, but i need some guide lines with foods that i do not cook everyday, usually with her, and in smaller protions.(now that i is just me) thank you so much for the photos and the recipes. i am emailing my whole family with this website. it is well contructed and easy to use. i have one small question, im not sure if this is a dish in thailand, but in laos we eat a bamboo stew, called geang na mih(spelling can be off) do you know how to make this dish?? if so, can you provide the recipe?? i would be most greatful. keep up the amazing work.


I think this is similar to the Lao bamboo stew (I am from Isan, we eat something very similar, but with Mushrooms added):

and also a pickled bamboo soup:

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