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Fish with Roe in Breadcrumbs


These fish with the fish roe inside, are called Capelin in English, at least that's what I think they're called. They are a sardine sized fish that come close to shore to spawn and fishermen catch them in the shallows when they're full of eggs. The yellow eggs, or roe, are left inside after gutting the fish. You can buy them at the supermarkets of Thailand, if you ask for 'blah-khai' (literally fish-egg), the fish monger will know what you're asking for, or print out the photo after the break to show him.
I was at the opening of Mega Bangna shopping mall, and at an all-you-can-eat buffer there, I ate these BlaKhai fried in breadcrumbs.


10 Fish with Roe Inside
5-10 Tablespoons Breadcrumbs
2 Beaten Eggs
5-10 Tablespoons Wheat Flour
Pinch of salt
Chilli sauce for dipping

1. Start with gutted and prepped fish, the fish monger will do this for you.
2. I'm sure you're familiar with the breading process, but I'll take you through it anyway. Set out your three parts, flour+salt, egg and breadcrumbs on three separate plates ready.
3. This fish is better double coated with flour, so start by dipping it in flour to get it coated and shake off the excess.
4. Then the egg, get it completely coated with egg.
5. Back into the flour for the second layer, again get it fully coated and shake off any excess.
6. Then back in the egg, and finally into the breadcrumbs for it's final coating.
7. For frying this needs a lower temperature oil, 170 degrees celsius is fine. You want time for the fish to crunch up a little before the breadcrumbs become too brown. So you want it to gently fry.
8. Drain on kitchen paper, serve with spicy or sweet chilli sauce.

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