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Fried Seasoned Wontons


It's the holiday season and as you can imagine I'm busy. The big thing for Thailand is really the New Year rather than Christmas, and I spend a lot of my time making snacks to serve with drinks over the New Years eve. This one is about the simplest one you can make, yet incredibly tasty. They are wontons skins, (the Chinese pastry used to make dim-sum and similar snacks) dusted with pork seasoning powder and fried. What you get is a salty, savoury, crunchy snack that is absolutely perfect to eat with drinks, and absolutely perfect too because it takes only a few minutes to prepare! Happy New Year.

Wonton Skins
Pork or Chicken Seasoning Powder (Ros-Dee)


1. Lay out the wontons on a board.
2. Spray or brush with a little water.
3. Dust pork or chicken seasoning powder on the wontons. You don't need much, a light dusting is enough. If you're not sure of the strength of your seasoning powder, try making a few first!
4. I used Ros-Dee brand powder, it is a popular brand here.
5. Get the oil medium hot, given the wontons a quick fry till golden brown and drain on kitchen paper, and that's it. Serve them hot or cold, don't leave them a long time or they'll get soggy.

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