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Big Red Thai Chillis (Prik Chi Far)


Chillis are the core of most Thai food. Like a lot of hot countries, Thailand spices its food, both to preserve it and to 'cover' any unwanted flavours. You see the same pattern in Mexican cooking, Indian curries and other countries on the equator where it's hot.
The larger red chillis are not as strong as the smaller green 'bird' chillis, but they are still mighty powerful.
Be careful when handling chillis, do not touch your eyes or nose afterwards, be sure to clean your hands thoroughly.

Here you can see the difference in size between the red and green bird chillis, the red ones are typically 6 or 7 cms long, the green bird chillis 2-3 cms.

Adds the spice to dishes, can also be sliced finely and place in vinegar or fish sauce as a side seasoning sauce.

1. Discard any chillis that are soft, they either have fungus, or insects in them and are best discarded.
2. Remove the green stem by pulling it off.
3. Wash and let them dry.
4. Freeze, they can be kept in the deep freezer for a year.

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