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Lemon Grass (Dta Kai)


Lemon grass is used to add a citrus flavour to Thai dishes. It is especially useful for soups, whereas lemon juice would lose its fragrance during cooking, the lemon grass flavour strengthens as it cooks. It is available from Asian grocers either in fresh form, or in dried form. Get the fresh form if you can.


It requires no special preparation, simply chop and add to a dish.

Dried lemon grass should be kept in an airtight container.
Fresh lemon grass can be kept in a deep freezer for 3-5 months.

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Kate Mehanna:

Hi. I made a prawn curry with lemongrass but it was tough. Should it be removed before servin? Thanks.

Typically with Thai curries, the lemon grass is sliced into fairly large pieces and the curry is more liquid. The thing to understand with properly made Thai curries is, you don't eat the seasoning ingredients, you leave them in the plate.

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