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Century Duck Eggs, Thousand Year Old Eggs ( Kai Yiew Ma )


Century? Thousand years old? More like 90 day old preserved eggs. These eggs are used as a garnish or ingredient, or just eaten cooked. They are eggs preserved in sodium carbonate and clay, a chemical reaction causes the colour change. The taste is very similar to an unpreserved egg, but the colours and look make them a spectacular show food.

In the photograph you can see a duck egg in it's shell at the top right, below that a peeled egg , and the eggs sliced open on the left. Notice that the preserving process makes the egg solidify.


Another variation of these eggs is the ones packed in green tea to give them an extra green tea flavour. As you can see the shell turns green, but once peeled they look very similar.

Comments (3)

Gary Linn:

I would like to buy 1000 year old eggs.I buy them in Pittsburge PA. at a oriental grosery but
it is so far away.I was hoping I could find a place that I could order them could you send me some information.

Gary Linn

I don't know of any online stores, sorry.


Hi, Appon. I choosed Pi Dan Egg or 100 years egg as my thesis. Could you give me more information about it ? Or perhaps you know where should I search to get it. Thanks before.


[Appon] I have no extra knowledge, until I can successfully make them I´m reluctant to say.

anonymous paul:


i remember having this deep fried century egg dish in bangkok when i was based there a few years ago. i'm not sure if its traditional thai food but it was great! would you have a recipe for this?

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