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Crabs in Fish Sauce


This, pretty gruesome, jar is the result of a day spent beach combing. Those are tiny crabs we use in papaya salads, we crush them into the salad and they form a seafood sauce that flavours the salad. In cases like this, when I've collected too many to use immediately, I preserve them like this in fish sauce. The saltiness of the sauce will keep them for months.

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Wow Appon,
this is a real creepy recipe... How do you kill them? They just naturally die in the fish sauce or? Looks cool, though (in a weird way :)

[Appon] I let them rinse for a day in water, then put them in the fridge. The cold seems to put them to sleep before putting them in the jar.


Wow, would they not get a bit claustrophobic in there? Surely having so many crabs in one jar can't be good for their health.

I don't imagine pounding them to a pulp to make make papaya salad is any better for them! :)


That must make a really tasty and flavorful dressing. Do you soak the crabs completely in fish sauce or is it proportioned with water?

[Appon] No it's 100% fish sauce.


Yikes! I don't think I would even be able to put those in the jar knowing they were slowly dying...I would freak, pull them out and rinse them off activist style!

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