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Fermented Sour Fish ( Pla-Kasoob)


I don't expect you to make this recipe, but it's interesting to see other cultures food. This is fish, mixed with rice, and left for 2 weeks till it goes sour, as vinegars form from the rice. We then eat it raw or fried. It's not really raw, it's more like the fish is cooked by the pickling process, but for western stomachs it's probably better to cook it, less risky.

I've used Bla-Kassob here, I couldn't find the name in English, from the pictures it looks like a type of carp, the Thai name is ปลากระสูบ , but you can use any fish with scales, and firm flesh.

2000 gms River Fish
2 Tablespoons Salt
50 gms Chopped Garlic
3 Tablespoons Cooked Rice

1. Clean the fish, gut and scale it. To scale a fish, hold it by the tail and scrape a large knife against the scales. The scales will pop out.
2. Make 3 score lines across the fish.
3. Mix all the other ingredients together, rub into the fish.
4. Put into the pot (non metallic, use glass or glazed pot). Press it down flat, cover it, and leave in at room temperature for 15 days, or until the fish becomes sour.
5. Eat it now (at your own risk!) or better fry in hot oil until crisp, and serve with sliced chillies, chopped red onions and Kaffir lime leaves.

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