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Frizzy Pork (Mu Yong)


This is 'Mu Yong', literally frizzy pork, also known as pork hair, or pork fibers. You may have seen it in the snacks section of Asian grocers and wondered whether it's food or for scrubbing plates clean!

It's made from oven dried pork, the pork is rubbed into fibers or hairs. It has a very savoury meaty salty taste, similar in taste to barbecue flavour crisps/chips, but without the artificial flavourings. It's often eaten just as a snack, but it's also used to add a savoury flavour to some Thai dishes.
Sometimes even added to deserts, as you may know, Thai deserts are often salty and sweet, and yes, we even use this as the salty part.

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Hi Appon,

I love all of your recipes! I saw the frizzy pork hair and couldn't resist trying it. I brought it camping to eat instead of beef jerky. It was great!

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