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Salty Eggs ( Khai Kham )


Salting eggs in brine is a way of preserving eggs, Thailand is very hot and eggs could only be kept for a short time unless salted. As with many cultures, the Thai's acquired a taste for the salted product, and created recipes around it. It's common in Thailand to east rice soup with salty egg, the egg adds the salty taste to the dish! The salt concentrates in the yolk of the egg, the longer they are kept in the brine, the saltier they get, 14-20 days is best, if you leave the eggs too long in the brine, they will be too salty to eat. If you're unsure how salty they are, remove one, boil it and taste it.


12 Raw Large Eggs
500gms Salt
4 Litres Water
Large Boiling Pan
Big Glass Jar

1. The eggs are salted in a saturated brine solution. This means the maximum amount of salt you can dissolve in the water!
2. Boil water in a large pan.
3. Add the salt to the water and dissolve it. Add more salt until the salt can no longer dissolve.
4. Leave to cool, as the water cools, salt crystals should form. If they do not, heat it up and add more salt.
5. Put the cold brine and eggs into a jar, the eggs must be submerged in the brine.
6. After 14-20 day take it out of the jar. They can be kept for a long time in that salted condition.
7. They can be used boiled or fried or to add salt to a dish.

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after 14 days , does the eggs stay rare? do i have to boil them to make it hard?


The egg will still be raw after the 2 to 3 weeks, but the yolk will become solid due to the salt.

Either use the salted egg in a recipe, or boil it like a regular egg and eat it.


some salty egg has oily in egg yolk ,i would like to know how to make it oily because i think its more tasty than dry egg yolk. thank for your help.


Do the eggs need to be stored in the fridge while in the brine solution?


No, the salt preserves them well.


Hi In this recipe you say that you dissolve 500gms of salt then you add more salt until it will not dissolve. Can you please tell me approximately how much more salt do you have to use until it will not dissolve?
Thanks Bert

[Appon] 500 gms is about the right amount, you can tell if the salt is no longer dissolving because the salt crystals remain at the bottom of the jar. Perhaps a chemist will calculate a more exact number, if there is one eading this blog.


do i have to cover the jar?
what is the difference between a chicken and duck egg, in terms of making a salted one?

It's not necessary to cover the jar, I put the lid on it, to push the eggs into the water to keep them submerged, otherwise they float and the top ones don't salt properly.

Rodolfo Completo:

Salted eggs shell are colored, painted red. What paint do we use here?

None, normally Duck eggs are used (white) because they have a larger yolk, but it's also common to see chicken eggs. The ones in the photo are brown shelled chicken eggs.


Hi, I would like to know how the salted egg yolk becomes boily.. thank you

It doesn't, but it does become solid due to take up of the salt. Try making salted eggs and see for yourself.


When you write "After 14-20 day take it out of the jar. They can be kept for a long time in that salted condition."
Do you mean weeks or even months? At this time i shall have them in the refrigde right or can i even have them in a cupboard

I usually keep them for 2-3 months in the fridge if they're properly salted.


why we use duck eggs rather than chicken eggs.. Is there anything changes if we use chicken eggs to be salted..?

No chicken eggs work the same, we use chicken eggs often ourselves. Duck eggs are better because the bigger yolk makes a nicer salted egg.


When i bought the salty eggs from any shops, why the eggs are covered by black dust? Is that soil or effect from the salt that have been emerged before....? Tq..

[Appon] Was that salty egg, it sounds like thousand year old egg. Salty eggs are normally packed in plastic and a little liquid. Thousand year old eggs are black inside and packed in clay, ash and chemicals.


Hi Appon
Can you please tell me how to make Khai Yiew Mah?

Thank you very much.

I don't know, I've tried to make them myself in the past but without success. Quicklime, salt and ash doesn't seem to work correctly. If anyone has the recipe for them (also known as century eggs)?

gerry palabrica:

Im Gerry Palabrica from the Philippines. My family started to engage in duck farming two years ago. Im also interested into salted egg processing and balut making. I would like to ask if there are any possibility to export salted eggs to thailand.

Thank you and best regard.


[Appon] I don't know about Thailand, since salty eggs are very common here, but I wonder if any western companies read this blog and are interested? If so I'll pass on the email.


>[Appon] Was that salty egg, it sounds like thousand year old egg.
See note at bottom: Note: Salty or Salted Eggs are sold uncooked in Asian markets. Often they are covered with 1/4-inch layer of charcoal colored ash.


Sawasdee Appon :)
Your recipes are very helpful!! THnaks!

Conrado O. Ragadio,Jr.:

Hi Appon,

Thank you very much for this information. I will make a salted egg in brine myself and see if it will be successful. I can also make it as a business someday.

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