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Pickled Brined Green Mango


Pickling and salting is a worldwide tradition and Thailand has it's own set of classic pickled dishes. Pickled cabbage, pickled limes and so on. It's April and I have a glut of mango. I could leave it to go ripe and eat myself silly on ripe mango, but instead, I'm going to take some unripe mangos and make pickled green mango, that I can keep and eat slowly.

I call it pickling, but there's less vinegar and much more salt than regular pickling. The sour green mango can't take too much extra sourness, the saltiness is what preserves it. Pick the mango at the firm green unripe stage, you can see the stage they're at from the photo below.

1 kg Green Mango
2 Tablespoons Sugar
350 gms Salt
1 Litre of Water
2 Litre Airtight Jars


1. Boil the water, add the salt and sugar and stir till dissolved.
2. Leave to cool.
3. While it's cooling, pick your green mango, I found that 4 mangoes was about 1 kg.
3. Peel, and cut into segments. Careful of the stone.
4. Put the mango in the jars and add the (now cool) brine, till it covers them. They must be covered, you can use a bowl or similar to push them under the brine.
5. Leave for 5 days, they will soak up the salt which preserves them. They can be left for up to 20 days, but that's very very salty and an acquired taste. My latest batch is ready in 5 days, so it's a good idea to take a piece, rinse it, and taste it to check the progress. It should be sour and salty, but not too salty.
6. Take them out of the liquid, rinse off excess salt, and dry off. They can be kept in a sealed plastic bag, and will keep for months in a cold dark cupboard.

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