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Pickled Cucumbers ( Tang Dong )


More pickling at Cassa Khiewchanta to go with my preserved mangos. We have a small cucumber in Thailand that very cheap and widely available. Whereas pickled gherkins have to be imported and are very expensive. But since a gherkin is just a variety of cucumber, why not simply pickle the small cucumbers and use those instead?

It works! But to get the sourness into the center, you will need to slice them and make pickled sliced gherkins instead. The Thai cucumber isn't quite small enough for the vinegar to permeate all the way through, but the finished flavors are the same.
Oh, and I added some coriander seeds and chillies for a bit of bite and burn, but that's what we do in Thailand, it seems a pity to have sour all on its own.

10 Small Cucumbers (get enough for your jar)
450 mls Vinegar
250 mls Water
1 Tablespoon Salt
1 Tablespoon Sugar

1. Clean your cucumbers, slice them, unless they are very small they need slicing.
2. Place them in a good airtight pickling jar. Bacteria don't like the vinegar, but mould can still grow on the surface, so you need to keep things clear, and the jar closed. Hence a good airtight jar.
3. Boil all the seasonings and vinegar together in a pan, turn off the heat and leave it to cool down.
4. Pour it over the cucumbers, the cucumbers should be fully covered.
5. 3 days is enough to pickle thinly sliced cucumbers, large ones need more time.
6. One you open the lid and start using them, better to keep it in the fridge.

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