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Preserved Turnip ( Hua-chi Po Wan )


You can see a typical brand of preserve turnip at the bottom right of the photograph (not full size!), it is sold in clear packets and is widely available in Asian supermarkets, so it's easy to spot. The taste is slightly sweet, slightly tangy.

It's used in stir fries and omelettes and also as a flavouring in plain rice soups to add a tang. Not really a pickle sourness, more a candy tang.

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yasmin yeong:

Khun Appon, I love your site. I wonder whether you can make a Thai cookie called "cookie with pineapple filling". It is like shape of "worm" with pineapple filling. I bought it from one of the shops in Soi Aree and I kept it for days and it still tasted very good, fresh, and light and I have been going around bookstores looking for the recipe and I could not find it. Maybe you will have the recipe. This cookie is really light, and after keeping it for days, they still stay fresh and I wonder what kind of flour they used or if possible the recipe please.

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