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Pickled Garlic (Water) ( Ka Thiem Dog )


A common ingredient in Thai cuisine, we use both the pickled garlic together with the pickling water. The pickling water is used to add a strong garlic sour note to noodles and soups.

On this site when the recipe calls for 'pickled garlic water', I mean this pickling juice, although when you're making soup, I often throw in a bulb of the garlic too to emphasize the flavour.

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niki vu:

Hello, I was wondering if you could help me. I am looking for a recipe for this sauce that is always served with the grilled pork neck sticky rice and papaya salad. it uses tamarrind in it. I travel to thailand very often and its the first think i eat. I have since moved out of asia and only get to bangkok about every three months. Craving for this sauce!!! its a brown sweet and sour sauce with chunks of something (dried rice or peanuts) and spicy! aNY HELP WOULD BE GREAT!

I think this is the sauce you are after (the peanut tamarind and sugar sauce lower down the recipe):

niki vu:

Yes thats the one! Thanks!!!

You mentioned it was spicy, you can add dried flaked chillies to the sauce in that recipe when you want to make it spicy.

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