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Green Rice Flakes ( Kao Mow )


These rice flakes are used to bulk up desserts, they have a pleasant almost floral smell. You can see a typical dish involving green rice flakes in today's other recipe: Bananas wrapped in green rice flakes.
Store in a cool dark, airtight container and they will easily last 6 months or more.

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Aha! Finally there it is. I've been searching high and low for the name of green rice flakes in Thai. Would you know how they are made? I documented one version we have in the Philippines (duman) and found out it is very similar to the Vietnamese Com. I would love to learn about the Thai counterpart.


Hello, I'm wondering if you happen to have a rare thai recipe that uses the young green rice and it is shaped into small balls, combined with coconut and dusted with rice flour on the outside? It's called something like: kao daw dung (?)

Not sure which one you mean, but I'll investigate and see if we can't get that recipe up on the site. At the moment the only green rice recipe is this one:

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