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Bamboo Shoots (Naw My)


There are two types of bamboo commonly used in Thai cooking, bamboo shoots in water and pickled bamboo slices in vinegar. Either way the only part of the bamboo that is used are the soft shoots. Bamboo can be bought in cans at any Thai or Chinese grocer, either sliced or whole.

Once the can or bottle are opened, keep in the fridge for up to 3 months. They can also be frozen, but they lose some of their strong texture if frozen so it is not recommended.

Comments (2)

Barry Willingham:

I would like to know what kind of curry paste to use for "gaeng gai sy nom mai".

I love this taste even if I am farang.

Red curry paste.

Frank Ooi:

I would like to compliment you on setting up such a beautiful and informative site. I will be trying out some of the recipes given by you. Your array of drinks recipes is very impressive.
Cheers! and hopefully you will continue to add on new recipes.

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