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Cassava Root (Man Sam Palang)


This tuberous root vegetable is widely available in Asia, grown in the east & north east of Thailand (in provinces such as Buri Ram) because, unlike rice, it does not require lots of water. It has a hard brown outer layer and a white or yellow flesh, only the cooked flesh is used. It is also known as Yuca or sometimes Tapioca root.

1. Used to make sweet desserts (kanom) in Thailand such as Man Ted Tuam (Candied Cassava).
2. Used for its starch, for this purpose corn starch or potato starch can be substituted if you cannot find cassava starch.
3. Used to make tapioca, tapioca beads are balls of cassava starch.
4. Used to make thin crackers for frying, these are similar to rice crackers and you can use rice crackers as a substitute.
5. Used to make monosodium glutamate.
6. Used boiled as a vegetable in a similar way to boiled potatoes.

The root contains chemically bound cyanide and should not be eaten raw, although it's not as poisionous as it's often claimed. Cooking the root causes the cells to break and the cyanide to be broken down.

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