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Germinating Coconut


It's been so, so long since I had a germinating coconut to eat! An old lady near my house sell these, you can't get them in most supermarkets or stores, and few people know to eat them these days. But if you catch them just right, they're very very nice.

As the coconut germinates, it grows a fluffy, crunchy ball down into the coconut water. This is used to soak up the water and minerals for the growing shoot. You need to catch them when this ball is nearly fully grown, but before all the juice is sucked out. Eat the center, it tastes of mild coconut and is crunchy and juicy and refreshing.

It's really easy to open coconuts, just crack them along the middle with the back of a meat cleaver, or better still a larger Thai pestle is safer, but I loaned mine out today.

A crack will form along the middle, once its all the way around you're done. This one was a little over, I would prefer more juice, but it was still moist.

To get the coconut meat you need to scrape out the inside, that's best done with a special coconut scraper. But it is coconut meat, it is the same stuff used to make coconut milk, this is a two-for-one meal here!

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