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Preserved Mango ( Mamorng Gurn + Mamurng Cha Eim + Mamurng Dong )


Mango is one of our most commonly eaten fruits, and naturally we have many ways of preserving it.

At the left are Mango rollups, these are thin slices of mango preserved in salt and sugar. At the right is salted mango strips. The salting draws our the water causing shrinkage, but these are nice to eat as a gop-gam dish, a snack to eat with beer or wine. At the top are pieces of preserve dried mango.

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Supannee Burns:


I love your website.
Your website help me survived in Canada.
Thank you very much.

Now I do have one thing I love to eat but I don't know how to make it.
Can you show me how to make Mango rollups? Please do you have any recipes for this.

Thank you again

[Appon]That's quite difficult, the closest I've achieve was 'cook' them in a little salt & sugar water, dry them in the sun and they curled up naturally. They still weren't quite the same taste, but I'm not sure what else the manufacturers did to them.

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