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Taro Roots ( Puek )


Taro is a root vegetable used in Asian cooking in desserts and as a snack. It is starchy, similar to many other starchy roots such as Cassava and if the recipe calls for Taro, you can often substitute Cassava.

Store fresh in a cool dark cupboard, freezing will soften the texture, so if you can avoid it it is better.

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I have just returned from thailand and as a vegetarian, enjoyed some of the best food I've ever eaten... sweet and sour vegies for tea tonight.. yum I went to a Thai place for tea and the waiter suggested a dish which had 'duck' in the title, but was actually fried Taro made to look like duck. I have tried to find a similar recipe, but no luck. Can you help me? I know the Taro is shredded and prepared in a special way and then fried... and then eaten..... yum
thank you

[Appon] Not sure, there is always fried taro chips.

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