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Fish Garden ( Bla Chon Nam Tok Lui Suan )


This dish is called a fish garden because it contains masses of green fresh vegetables coupled to slices of deep fried fish. This is an excellent healthy dish with fish, fish oils and plenty of crisp vegetables all on a single plate.

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Mackerel With Kapi Sauce ( Nam Prik Kapi & Pa Tu Tod )


Mackerel is a very underrated fish, it's cheap, its full of useful fish oils and has plenty of flavour. This is one of the ways we eat it, with a Kapi sauce made from shrimp paste.

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Baked Citrus Fish ( Bla Op Samoon Prai )


These fish steaks are baked in Thai herbs including lemon grass, and Kaffir lime leaves, giving a citrus taste to the fish. You can eat the herbs too, in Thailand we eat these herbs because they are good for digestion.

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Birds Nest ( Wi Hok Norn Rang )


A fun way to get children to eat their food - baby chicks made from potatoes and breaded shrimp in a nest of noodles. The noodles are optional, the birds look just as good if served in a basket.

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BBQ Fish ( Bla Pow )


As summer arrives in the northern hemisphere, so do the barbecue recipes! When I was a child, we would go fishing and barbecue our catch right there next to the river. We'd season with lemon grass and kaffir, which grew next to the river and only the sauce would be pre-prepared.

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Ginger Fish ( Bla Nueng Kin Dong )


Fish is a good healthy dish, and this is a simple way to prepare it. Steam it with ginger & thyme, the flavours from the ginger go into the fish and help neutralize any 'fishy' smells as a bonus.

500 gms Sea Fish
120 ml Light Soy Sauce
50 gms Mushroom
20 gms Pickled Ginger
10 gms Thyme Leaves

1. Scale & gut the fish. Your fishmonger can do this for you, but it's easy enough to scale a fish by scraping a knife backwards over the skin.
2. Place the fish in a suitable metal bowl, pour the light soy over it, add the ginger and thyme and mushrooms.
3. Steam for 15 minutes.
4. Serve with rice.

Spicy Ginger Salmon on Pak Choi ( Salmon Nung Pug Gwang Tung )


This dish is salmon with a ginger and chilli sauce sat on a bed of pak choi (Chinese cabbage).

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Grilled River Fish ( Bla Dukg Yang )


This is not so much a recipe as a food idea. A lot of Thai food is like this, a very simple river fish grilled to perfection. Catching fish and cooking them next to the river is a fond memory from my childhood.

2-4 Padug Fish

1. Clean the fish and score it with 3 diagonal lines, put salt in the cuts.
2. Skewer it on a wooden stick.
3. Grill on a charcoal barbecue.
4. Eat with stick rice on a picnic.

Fish Salty Crust ( Bla-Nin-Yang Gur )


Enough with the beetles berries and the bugs, here's simple clean river fish grilled with a salt crust and lemon grass stuffing for flavouring.

1-2 Pla-Nin Fish ( Approx 500 gms each )
4-6 Lemon Grass
3-4 Tablespoon Crystal Salt

1. Gut and scale the fish (ito scale a fish hold it by the tail and scrape the knife against the scales to scrape them off).
2. Stuff the lemon grass into the center of the fish.
3. Rub the salt into the outside of the fish.
4. Grill the fish on the barbecue until cooked.

Salty Sardines & Sticky Rice ( Bla Tu Kem Tod )


Deliciously salty sardines, we often eat with sticky rice. We uncle grows chillies and when he's out on the farm, he'd take a ga-tip filled with sticky rice, together with fried onions and a salted fried fish to eat for lunch. It's a simple combination but sometimes the simplest tastes work best.

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