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Grilled River Fish ( Bla Dukg Yang )


This is not so much a recipe as a food idea. A lot of Thai food is like this, a very simple river fish grilled to perfection. Catching fish and cooking them next to the river is a fond memory from my childhood.

2-4 Padug Fish

1. Clean the fish and score it with 3 diagonal lines, put salt in the cuts.
2. Skewer it on a wooden stick.
3. Grill on a charcoal barbecue.
4. Eat with stick rice on a picnic.

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You really should put together a cookbook and sell it on this site!


I'd just like to support Angela's comment. This is probably the most outstanding Thai food blog (and one of the top food blogs in general) around. Congratulations to you for an amazing site!

Thanks to everyone for your supportive comments.


thank you for goooooood thai manu

thank you !

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