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Vietnamese Pork Noodles ( Guy Jub Vietnam )


These are 'Kuey jab' noodles, a sticky rice based noodle in the style the Vietnamese eat them. Thailand has it's own version of sticky rice 'Kuey jab' noodles, flat square noodles that roll up into cylinders when cooked.

I also added some of my home made pork dumplings, I keep a batch in the freezer for when I'm making soup or noodles.

In the back of the photograph you can see the Thai condiments for noodles, the little jars of fried garlic, crushed peanuts, flaked dried chillies and other trimmings.

The pork for these noodles should ideally be Mu Yor, which is sliced Thai steamed pork sausage, but red pork works well too, as does simply fried fatty pork.


Ingredients for 4
1 Pack Vietnamese Kuey Jab Noodles
1 Liter Water
1 Chicken Stock Cube
1 Pork Stock Cube
300 gms Fatty Pork (or Red Pork or Mu Yor)
8 Pork Dumplings
2 Eggs

Ingredients for Dressing
Chopped spring onions
Chopped coriander leaves
Fried Garlic
Fried Onions
Basil Leaves

1. Boil water with the stock cubes, add the dumplins and Vietnamese Noodles, and simmer until the noodles are transparent.
2. The pork needs to be fried off in a frying pan until it is cooked through, once cooked, leave it to rest for a few minutes and slice it thinly.
3. Boil the eggs to hard boiled, (10 minutes is plenty), drop into cold water and slice into 4 wedges.
4. To serve: place a quarter of the cooked noodles, some of the broth, 2 of the pork dumplings, into the bowl, then garnish with wedges of egg, and plenty of basil leaves and coriander.
5. It's customary to leave the person to add their own condiments, the fried garlic, chillies and often crush peanuts, fish sauce etc. It's part of the fun of the dish, building your own. I also wouldn't worry if you don't have all the ingredients. Substitute ingredients if you like!

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