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Nuchid Kumseemuang 2504-2551 (1961-2008)


To My Great Father

After you died I can see how people loved you dad, young and old, children and adults, all were crying like crazy at your funeral.
In my memory you are very great man, you worked hard, sacrificed your life to make money to support your family, your three kids and wife. I remember we were so poor, but it never took away the happy life we had because of you. You never beat your children and never said any words of hurt, always loved mum, and I never saw mum hurt you too.

All my life, I lived far away from him because we were poor and I had school in country while he worked in city. Well until he was 43, when I worked in the city and he relaxed in the country!, That was our life!!.

And I only visited him once a year for 2-3 weeks at a time before going back to work. What a stupid child I was, I thought that when I earned enough money we would all live together in town, doing what we want, eating what we wanted and spending time together. Now that's too late, he died at 47 of blood Leukemia. 47. So,spend time with your parents, when you want to be, you'll miss them when they're gone, do it before to late.

You know when you're born, but you won't know when you'll die.
When you live you make they love, When you die that's why they cry.

Love you forever Dad

Your Daughter Appon

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