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Pea Flower Rice


We have a flower in Thailand, known as the Butterfly Pea Flower, or just the blue pea flower, dok anchan. It grows in the border along the street next to my garden and is edible and used to colour rice. I've seen it many times, and wondered if the gardeners spray any chemicals on it or whether I could pick it and make the blue 'Thai Pea Flower Rice'. Well yesterday, the street gardeners were here, and I got talking to the woman tending to the border. She never uses chemicals, the blue flowers are from her garden, and she also showed me where she'd planted some 'Thai Kaprow Basil'. It seems some of the houses don't like the basil, I've asked her to plant it next to my house if they ask for it to be removed!
With freshly picked Dok Anchan, I can make my rice!


8-12 Doc Anchan Flowers
300 gms Fragrant Rice
750 mls Water

1. Simply add the rice, water and flowers into a rice cooker and cook.
2. Notice I didn't salt the rice, we cook rice plain in Thailand, and then the sauces and side dishes flavor it.
3. If you cook the rice in a non-metallic container, you can add herbs to make it taste special too.

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